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Ethiopia Agaro Sadi Loya Coop


Lavender, dried green apple, lemon tea

Roast:  Medium

Processing:  Washed

Varietal:  Heirloom Varietals

Cupping Score: 88.7

12 ounces

The Sadi Loya cooperative is located near Agaro town, in the Jimma Zone  of Western Ethiopia. It's a relatively smaller coop, and serves the local farm  members by acting as a central collection site for their coffees. With the help of the cooperative union that they are part of (Kata Muduga), they are able to offer services to members such as agronomical training and financial loans, as well as afford the farmers a link to the international coffee market. Sadi Loya were one of four coops to receive a $52k grant in USAID money in order to help them build out a more sophisticated wet milling operation.

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