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Growing up along the Kona Coffee Belt, I was destined to love great coffee. The daughter of coffee pickers, I have always had tremendous respect for coffee and for those who farm it.

In 2011, I founded Snow Street Coffee with the mission of improving lives through the art of roasting extraordinary coffee. I select our beans from small farms that produce the highest grade of specialty coffee. I pay our farmers significantly more than Fair Trade minimums for their exceptional product and I partner with non-profit organizations to improve the lives of women and children in the communities in which coffee is grown.

When these fantastic coffee beans make it to Boulder, Colorado they are roasted in small batches with great attention to detail to ensure freshness and excellence.

As a member of the Specialty Coffee Association and the Roaster’s Guild you can be certain that we operate under the strictest standards, strive for the highest levels of certification and education and train with the most well respected coffee professionals in the industry.

I believe we can all follow our passion while doing our best to help people, even if it is with something as small as a great cup of coffee.

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