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Espresso Blend - Third Level

by Neige LaRue August 04, 2014

For this espresso blend we used Guatemalan coffee from around the Lake Atitlan area.   There’s also a dry-processed Brazil, which provides body, and also adds a depth  to the sweetness. Brazils are nutty and in the context of this blend is a welcome additional.   This espresso blend  makes a nice brewed cup, with the Brazil and Guatemala coffees providing a base sweetness, and Yirga Cheffe balancing this out with acidity and complex  high notes.  Floral  aspects really come through, especially in the wet aromatics and on the break . There's an ever-so slight nuttiness too, which come off as complimentary to sweetness and to the top notes.  The Brazil provides a rich chocolate flavor  complimented by viscous body - like a melted chocolate bar. The mouthfeel is super creamy, and a sweet, and with pointed acidity. Chocolate really is the highlight here, and while it's a fantastic espresso , this blend   will hold us so well in milk drinks. The floral and citrus   aspects found in the cup take a bit of a backseat in espresso. They are still there, but they truly are 'top' notes, not defining the base. These highlights take the form of citrus zest , lavender, and berry, all weaving in and out of the long finish .
Neige LaRue
Neige LaRue

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